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About Erin

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Guidance Counselor & Diviner

Erin's Story

Starting in 2002, Erin began losing many close people in her life. That was the start that set her on the path to discover her gifts and once unfolded, her life has never been the same.


Erin realized why she has always felt different and why she would "hear voices", "see things", and feel strange, 'unexplainable' sensations.


It is Medium Erin's commitment in life to bring as much peace, reassurance, healing and love to others with her connection to the Spirit World. 

Losing her Mother

When Erin's Mother became ill with cancer in 2000, Erin dropped out of college and took on a part-time job so she could take care of her Mother during her 2 year illness, and up until she passed on hospice at home with Erin. Erin was only 25 years old. 


The first signs of the afterlife appeared shortly thereafter. Before Erin's mother had passed, she had asked her to send everyone a sign she was okay, and "made it." 

After the funeral home left with the body, outside appeared an incredibly vibrant rainbow, JUST above the family home driveway. Weeks later, a flower came into full bloom in November - a flower Erin's younger sister, Eve, had given her Mom for Mother's Day. It was occurrences like these that started to change Erins life. However, it wasn't until losing her longtime life-partner, Bob, in 2011, that her journey into Mediumship took off.

Losing her Partner in Life, Bob

Bob and Erin were inseparable since they met in 1999. Finishing each other's sentences, eyes tearing up with love just by looking at each other, these two definitely possessed a deep soul love.


When Bob became ill in February 2011, everything drastically changed for Erin. Passing away only one month later in Erin's arms and surrounded by Bob's eldest daughter, Erin was forever traumatized. 

Immediately after his passing, Erin receiving countless signs and visits from Bob, almost as if saying "Do you get the point yet? I'm not gone!" 

Some of the many afterlife signs shown to Medium Erin include:

  • Vivid dreams and remembering them clearly upon awakening; including feeling him

  • Hearing internal voices of things only he would say

  • Smelling his aftershave and cologne

  • Sensing him around

  • Special songs coming on the radio exactly when she was thinking about him

  • Feeling physical sensations, such as touching and pulling hair

  • Having dream visitations with conversations between the two

Receiving these signs became so critical for Erin's grief journey. Bob knew that Erin was a very sensitive person, and wanted to help her. By helping Erin discover her gifts, Erin has healed with each and every mediumship sitting she gives. 

"It is through helping others that we heal. We are all here to serve one another in love, and that journey continues in the Spirit World." -Psychic Medium Erin

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Education & Background

In 2018, Psychic Medium Erin graduated from a Mediumship Course from the JVP School of Mystical Arts, earning her spirit medium certification.


Originally from the NorthEast region of the US, Psychic Medium Erin now serves the area of Kentuckiana, maintains practice with other professional mediums, and has recently become skilled with Tarot Cards and Lenormand Psychic Cards.


Mediumship Certification JVP School of Mystical Arts

-Founded by world renowned Spirit Medium, James Van Praagh

Suzanne Giesemann Evidential Mediumship Courses

-2019, Answering the Sacred Call of Mediumship​

-2020, The Next Level of Sacred Mediumship

Mediumship Demonstration Certification​

​-Genesis Spiritual Healing & Metaphysical Center


Advanced Mediumship Development

Mavis Patilla E-learning seminars

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