Psychic Medium Readings Available By Phone, Video Or In-Person

Mediumship Sessions & Tarot

Options for Appointments


  • Phone or Video

  • In-Person at Erin's

  • In-Person at Client Home (within 2 hours from Erin)

Tarot: Emailed Keepsake and Phone call to review results and provide additional guidance

Payment Options

  • Can be made prior or during appointment

  • Cash, Cash App, Venmo, or Credit/Debit Cards through PayPal

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Mediumship - At Your Appointment

Phone/Video – I will contact you at the appointment time scheduled


In-Person – I will be preparing for the session before you arrive, so if you arrive early, please know, I will come get you at our scheduled time



You are allowed to record the session if you wish. You may also just jot down notes on a notepad during the session. Most times, information you do not recognize will be either remembered later, or meant for someone else that needs to hear it.


The Session & Connecting to Spirit


The connection is much better when the medium remains in a passive, receptive mode, passing along the information and messages those on the other side are able to get through.


It is my goal to capture their essence, their evidence, and their messages so clearly that you have no doubt your loved one is still right here and very much part of your life.


IMPORTANT: This reading is only for those who have arranged in advance to sit with me. Please do not have anyone in the room unless we have agreed to this prior.  Unexpected participants not only affect the energy between all of us (and those across the veil), but they influence who shows up from the other side.


Who comes through in a reading?


I cannot promise who will come through. It could be just one person or several. Happily, we almost always connect with exactly who you hope to hear from, but if we near the end of a reading and that person has not come through, I will ask if there is anyone else you would like me to try to reach.


I will do my best to reach them, but the reasons you may or may not hear from a particular spirit vary. It does not mean that they don’t want to talk to you.



How much should you say in a reading with a medium?


A reading is a three-way connection between those on the other side, the medium, and you. If you decide to block that flow by not saying anything, your silence is akin to erecting an energetic wall. Brief responses let me know that you understand what is being shared.