As a Medium, how can you ensure the best reading?

Updated: Apr 23

Even though mediumship readings are simply energy work, there are a number of things the medium needs to consider.

  1. Remember that the work is not about you and how well you “perform”, yet, it is simply about Spirit and getting their messages across to their loved ones

  2. Have faith that Spirit will show. They always do

  3. If you don’t feel physically or mentally well, you must delay giving a reading. You certainly cannot connect with the best heartspace if you’re not feeling well. Simply explain to the client and reschedule. They will appreciate this.

  4. Focus on your breath

  5. Focus on things that bring you great joy to bring your vibration up; also advise the client of this importance

  6. Keep an order on how you read. For example, start with identifying if it is a male or female energy, then the relation to the client, what they look like, describe their personality, when they died, how they died. Keep this order every time. Your mediumship guides will assist Spirit to let them know how you work

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