Life is the journey back to Nirvana

Updated: Apr 23

We are not who we are today without our hardships. Embrace them. Acknowledge that you experienced these situations for a greater good, a greater cause - the growing of our souls. As humans it may be very hard to accept and embrace this, believe me, but the more we try to take even a little bit of time to forgive yourself and others, you are opening up a whole new beautiful way of thinking, of being!

Do you not like who you are today? Why is that? Are you comparing yourself to others, against someone else's standards and beliefs? What feels right to you? We are all here trying to figure ourselves out and trying our best to serve one another, that's our mission here. Help others without expectations. Graciously accept someone's help without feeling bad or guilty. We may have inherited ways about us from our upbringing that taught us to feel bad to receive help or 'only help this type of person'. Shedding this cloud of thought is very important to allow us the opportunity to embrace the joy of being.

Life is the journey back to Nirvana.

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