Psychic Intuitive Card Readings

Tarot/Gypsy Card Readings

Remote Sessions at this time

Psychic Medium Erin offers various types of Tarot/Gypsy Card readings. These are very insightful cards and Erin will choose what deck/type based on your situation/question.

40 Minute Reading $70

For Any Question or Situation

20 Minute Reading $35


For Any Question or Situation

Card Reading Parties Available - Contact Erin for more Info and Pricing.

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Spiritual Guidance Session with Cards

If you are seeking help more on a spiritual level because you feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed, Erin can help you with a Spiritual Guidance Session.

Options: Remote or In-Person


A (1) Hour Spiritual Guidance Session includes an in-depth look at your query, along with psychic tools with Tarot and Lenormand Cards.


$135 for 1 Hour


The session also includes suggestions to move forward into a better path which is better aligned to your highest good - which is really, what we all need!


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Psychic Predictions with Oracle Cards

Remote Sessions at this time

Erin also offers psychic predictions for your life, or whoever you set the intention for, through Lenormand Cards. These questions you have can be literally for anything.

These cards are so fun! It's like figuring out a puzzle.

40 minutes: $70

1 Hour: $120

Entire 36 Card Spread "The Grand Tableau" - covering every area of your life

20 minutes: $35

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