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What is Coming Your Way?

The Lenormand is a psychic reading deck of 36 cards, named after the French psychic Mlle. Lenormand. It is similar to a regular playing card deck, but with different symbols and images on the cards.


The Lenormand can be used for predictive purposes, and is often used by psychics and mediums to give readings. The deck can also be used for divination, and many people believe that it can help to predict future events.


The Lenormand is a powerful tool for psychic readings, and can be helpful in gaining insight into a number of different topics. Whether you are looking for guidance on your love life, career, or finances, the Lenormand can provide valuable insights.

Card reading

Reading Choices

Crescent Moon

Option #1: 


40 Minutes $70

-Numerous Questions

-Remote: Live or Pre-Recorded with Video Link for keepsake

Option #2


Full Life "The Grand Tableau"

$120 for 1 Hour

A detailed look into your past, present and future with all 36 Lenormand Cards; called the Grand Tableau. Hitting every area of your life and providing a thorough answers to your questions. 

Option #3

20 Minutes​:  $35


-Multiple Questions

-Remote: Live or Pre-Recorded with Video Link for keepsake

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"Hey Guys! I look forward to working with you and letting you know what the Universe is telling you about your future! "


~Psychic Medium Erin