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When it comes to finding spiritual guidance, many people turn to tarot cards. Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a way to gain insight into the future and help make decisions about the present. Today, tarot cards are widely available and can be used by anyone who wants to explore their spirituality.


Each tarot card represents a different aspect of life, such as love, career, or family. By understanding the meaning of the tarot cards, you can gain valuable insights into your own life. In addition, tarot readings can provide guidance about specific situations or problems you may be facing. If you're looking for spiritual guidance, tarot cards may be a helpful tool for you.

Spiritual Tarot Readings provided by Erin are for spiritual guidance from the Universe to help you understand your soul and how to align to your highest self in all aspects of your life. Erin provides her intuitive guidance from the Universe to bring clarity and understanding.


The session will include a layout of your cards and their meanings and a conversation regarding how they apply to you and how to move forward. Sessions can be remote via Video (Zoom/Google Meet), via Phone, or In-Person. You can also opt to purchase a reading and receive the reading via email/audio/video file - good choice for future referencing!

Tarot Card Reading Options

Option #1: 

Full Spiritual Guidance Counseling 

Includes a Tarot Spiritual Spread, Psychic Prediction Spread, discussion on cards and suggestions for moving forward.

1 Hour, $135

Option #2:   

Tarot Card Reading, In-Depth

Remote Only


Tarot can be used for literally anything. Some examples include:

Guidance on issue or situation.

What's going on in my life right now and how can I move forward?

What are they thinking about me?

What are my strengths?

40 min. $70

Option #3:    

Tarot Card Reading

Remote Only

Can be recorded and sent to customer via private video link for keepsake OR performed live via Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime, or other video platform

20 min. $35



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