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Mediumship with Psychic Erin Pia

Connecting with People & Animals in the Spirit World

Psychic mediumship is the ability to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed on. Psychic mediums act as a channel between the world of the living and the world of the dead, passing on messages and information from one side to the other.


Psychic mediums have been used throughout history to help those who are grieving connect with their loved ones who have died, and to provide comfort and closure.

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Medium Erin can help you connect with people and/or pets that are no longer here on Earth, but in the Spirit World. The purpose of this type of communication is to provide you with peace, closure, reassurance, and healing, that life is eternal and your loved ones have not just disappeared forever. 


Spirit will provide Medium Erin with evidential information about themselves and you so you can connect-the-dots and KNOW they are here with you.

Please know that Spirit will provide messages for you, but they will give you advice as they would if they were still here. In other words, Spirit will provide words of comfort, but know, that YOU are the one that possesses the answers you seek, it's within you at your soul level, you just have to find that, or as I say, "rediscover" YOU.

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Note about Mediumship Sittings

from Erin:


"I usually go over the appointment time. I try to keep my customer's time and my own in mind, but most times, the reading goes over the allotted time, especially if it's a very strong connection! If I talk too much and you have to go, just let me know! I guess you could say I'm a little passionate!"

Connecting with Spirit

Erin brings compassion, sincerity, and skill with her readings to every customer she has the pleasure of working with.  If you feel drawn to Medium Erin, then it is for a reason. Our loved ones in Spirit actually select the medium of their choice because they know how they work and know it is a great chance for them to communicate with you. 


So when you get that desire to reach out to a psychic medium and you feel drawn to a certain one, it's for a deeper reason! You guessed right, your loved one planted the seed and they have been working hard to make this happen. 

Medium Erin connects with her soul to the Spirit World to bring forth messages, memories between Spirit and their loved one here, specific details regarding their appearance, death, funeral, personality, job in life, hobbies and any vices, phrases and nicknames; the possibilities are many. Whatever image, feeling, words, symbols the Spirit can relay to the Medium, they will! They do not waste any chance - they love you!

Every medium has their own unique way of connecting with Spirit. Psychic Medium Erin is able to see and hear them internally, feel them, sense tastes and smells, and sometimes, if the connection is very strong, she can channel them. Medium Erin's strengths include: clairvoyance, (seeing in mind) clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience, (internal hearing) and claircognizance (knowing).

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Psychic medium readings are available by phone, video, or in-person. A lot of people don't understand how a Medium can connect to Spirit for their client remotely;  however, it is quite simple.


A medium connects by opening up their senses and receiving in the loving energy that all Spirits provide. In other words, it is tapping into one's subconscious.


You are allowed to record the session if you wish. You may also just jot down notes on a notepad during the session. Most times, information you do not recognize will be either remembered later, or meant for someone else that needs to hear it.


During The Session

It is my goal to capture their essence, their evidence, and their messages so clearly that you have no doubt your loved one is still right here and very much part of your life.

A reading is a three-way connection between those on the other side, the medium, and you. If you decide to block that flow by not saying anything or becoming negative/doubtful, those elements are akin to erecting an energetic wall, and will create disruption in flow, love, and energy.


Brief responses let me know that you understand what is being shared. I will give you whatever I receive. At any time, if you want to share your excitement about certain evidence that your loved one(s) gets through, please do so. This really adds to the energy!


Who Comes Through?

I cannot promise who will come through. It could be just one person or several. Happily, we almost always connect with exactly who you hope to hear from, but if we near the end of a reading and that person has not come through, I will ask if there is anyone else you would like me to try to reach. I will do my best to reach them, but the reasons you may or may not hear from a particular spirit vary. It does not mean that they don’t want to talk to you.


Please come with an open mind and an open heart. The more open and loving your energy, the easier it is for me to establish and hold the link with the other side. I look forward to helping to reunite you and your loved ones.

IMPORTANT: This reading is only for those who have arranged in advance to sit with me. Please do not have anyone in the room unless we have agreed to this prior.  Unexpected participants not only affect the energy between all of us (and those across the veil), but they influence who shows up from the other side.

  • Validation that we don’t really die

  • Comfort knowing your loved ones are still here and are around you more than you think

  • Providing peace and comfort to your loved ones in Spirit by recognizing they haven't left you

  • Peace and reassurance

  • Assistance with grief; providing some type of closure

  • Confirmation of signs that your loved ones have given you

  • Improve outlook on your life

  • Ability to increase your capacity to love one another

  • It’s fun!

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