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 Psychic Medium Erin Pia Intuitive Tarot Readings by E-mail

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Email Erin to get started! Send any question(s) that you seek guidance with in your email. Erin will meditate and sit with the energy of your question(s) and select cards for your personalized reading. Erin spends at least 1 hour with the cards to really dive into the energy for her client's greatest good.

Tarot Readings provided by Erin are for spiritual guidance from the Universe to help you understand your soul and how to align to your highest self in your relationships, career, health, and overall life!

Readings are typed up with corresponding cards and emailed to client within 24-48 hour timeframe. Clients can choose to schedule a follow-up call to further discuss the reading.


Erin has a high level of clairsentience (psychic feeling) which enables her to tap deeply into the energy of the cards and the Universe to provide guidance for the clients highest good.

Celtic Cross Spread


10 Card Spread that is an excellent one to use when you have a specific question that needs to be answered, because it takes you, step by step, through all the different aspects of the situation. the many facets of the problem/question at hand, ending with the outcome


Spiritual Self-Care


7 Cards: Sometimes all we need is to check in with our emotions. This reading is designed to help you with that and also show you guidance on how you can better take care of yourself.



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